Laguna Fabrics, Inc.


As a family-owned company, operating over multiple generations, Laguna Fabrics has been supplying the market with trend-forward, quality knits for nearly 30 years. 

We believe in building strong, constructive relationships with our customers, vendors and the community to create a legacy that will be passed down for generations to come.  Over the last decade we have applied a serious focus on creating lower-impact fabrics as a matter we take very seriously for the sake of the future generations of our family, and all future generations of all life on earth!

Delivering the best product from start to finish is our top priority and is only made possible by our experienced staff. Many of our in-house employees have been with us over a decade and their loyalty and experience is seen through their work.

Quick response time and availability set our customer service apart from our competitors, as we believe communication is the key to building trust and relationships.

Our developers work with the industry’s top designers and the creative team brings in new trends from near and far to put together new items ahead of trend. Located near Downtown LA, we are at the center of the booming Art and Fashion Districts surrounded with constant inspiration which comes across in our cutting-edge fabric designs.

Our employees are highly encouraged to give back to the community and protect the environment. As a company wehave semi-annual outings to local shelters and donate our time to help the neighborhood we work in. We seek to do the “least harm possible’ to our precious habitat through careful selection of raw materials and low-impact finishing choices.  

We make an effort to provide outstanding service to our longtime clients, and also to help support young designers and smaller start-ups as best we can.  It has always been our priority to provide not only the best quality fabric, but also the best service for our customers.