With a focus on using certified raw materials, and finishing with the lowest environmental impact possible, Laguna prides itself on offering the most comprehensive range of earth-friendly knit materials available.




The basic “must-have” for any line. We offer this classic "t-shirt fabric" in low impact yarn solutions and variety of weights including Organic Cotton, Tencel, Modal, Recover recycled cotton, hemp, linen, and recycled polyester from post consumer water bottles. 

 6 oz. Recover Recycled Cotton/Recycled Polyester Jersey

7oz. Modal Jersey

9 oz. Tencel Jersey

Novelty Jersey

For premium fabrications and product differentiation, we can execute zero die melanges with Recover recycled cotton, custom slubs with organic cotton, as well as custom compositions through yarn twisting with organic cotton/tencel, hemp/organic cotton, linen/organic cotton, Recover/modal, and many others.  

7oz. Recover Recycled Cotton/Recycled Polyester Melange Jersey

8oz. Linen Slub Jersey

7oz. Recycled Cotton/Tencel Jersey


Our line offers a large library of different repeats in feeder and automatic stripes. We can execute stripes in any fiber from our low impact catalog. Recover yarns come yarn dyed in a library of color which makes it easier to fabricate engineered stripes when yarn dye minimums can be a challenge.

8oz. Microtencel Striped Jersey

7oz. Modal Striped Jersey

9oz. Multi-colored Stripe Recycled Polyester/Organic Cotton Jersey


Sweater, Poorboy, 9x3, 4x2, 2x1, 1x1… you name it, we have it. Rib knits aren’t just for trims anymore. More and more we have seen the development of full bodies in ribs. 

10oz. Tencel/Linen 6x3 Poorboy Rib

13oz. Tencel 4x2 Rib

8oz. Recycled Polester/Organic Cotton Streaky Rib


French Terry 

At one time only used for active wear, but now a popular fabric in all markets. We offer the athletic inspired fabric in eco-friendly tri-blends, recycled polyester/organic cotton, hemp/organic cotton, and also in Modal and Tencel which provide more drape depending on your desired look.

Recover Recycled Cotton/Recycled Polyester Terry

Striped Tencel Fleece

Organic Cotton Yarn Dye Terry

Tencel/Recycled Poly Terry

laguna enviro fabrics french terry1.jpg

Modal/Recycled Polyester Terry

Striped Modal Fleece

Sweater Knits

Cut and sew sweater knits have become extremely popular in the last few years, and we are constantly adding new ones to the line. They range from low gauge, slub, striped, brushed, and beyond. These can be executed from many of the low impact fibers that Enviro Fabrics is focused on including organic cotton, tencel, modal, Recover recycled cotton, and recycled polyester.

Recycled Polyester/Organic Cotton Slub

Modal/Recycled Poly Waffle

Recycled Polyester/Organic Cotton Jacquard

Specialty Knits

Specialty kits consists of sherpas, gauze's, thermal, and mesh. We'd love to create something new for you, lets design something together on some of our core Enviro Fabrics low impact fibers.

Modal/Recycled Polyester Sherpa

Knit Crinkle Gauze

Marble Sherpa

Modal Mesh

Knit Gauze Stripe

Sweater Thermal