For nearly 30 years the Roshan family has been producing high quality knits in the USA. We proudly manufacture all fabrics in our own knitting mill, based in Los Angeles, California.


The Process

Low environmental impact does not mean low product quality. Laguna EnviroFabrics maintains the highest quality standards thanks to a refined process that levers best-in-class raw materials, combined with strong attention to quality control.


Fiber & Yarn

The best fabric always starts with the highest quality raw materials. Laguna sources the worlds highest-quality recycled and organic yarns and authenticates all environmental claims with industry standard 3rd party environmental certifications. 


We own and operate our own circular knitting machines which gives us complete control over production from yarn to fabrics, and can dedicate machines for certain fibers to eliminate the possibility of  contamination. Our machines range from 9 to 28 cut.  


Collaborating with only the best dye houses in Los Angeles ensures the highest-quality, and most consistent dye processing. All of our dye houses recycle water and use the low impact dyes to reduce environmental impact, and comply with California Prop. 64.


To insure the most commercial product quality, Laguna EnviroFabrics offers state-of-the-art finishing techniques that insure the performance and hand-feel of our materials meet our customers specifications, all while maintaining the lowest eco-impacts. 


laguna enviro fabrics_ fabric inspection1.jpg

Unlike many other fabric companies, Laguna operates its own knitting machines and is known for having the highest level of integrity when it comes to quality control. Every roll of fabric is inspected, before and after it goes to dying and finishing.